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You are recommended to install all desired HP printer drivers and applications before linking the printer to your system In order to avoid malfunctions of the printer.  The compatibility of the printer driver with the pc device and applications installed need to be checked before taking off the installation method. It prevents the compatibility problems once the installation in and of itself downside will create to driver or computer code conflicts that not solely have an effect on the put in printer drivers however conjointly the software. the foremost fashionable software comes with printer drivers for the foremost common kinds of printers, however you would like to put in them before you employ the printer. you’ll be able to conjointly transfer updated drivers from our 123.hp.com/setup website.

HP Printer Ink Cartridge Installation

To acquire the most effective printing quality, use a real cartridge. make sure that you maintain the cartridge properly. Here are the tips to keep up the cartridge Good. If you retain the inkjet printer for long periods of your time. That may cause the cartridge to dry out. Try to utilize the printer a minimum of once during a week. Don’t power OFF and ON Printer frequently, sometimes this will maintain the ink from drying out in Printers .

123.hp.com/setup Printer Wired and Wireless Configuration

To connect your HP printer to the Computer, we need network connection. Without the network, the Printer devices cannot communicate and the tasks can’t be performed automatically .There is two modes of network connection is available, Wired and Wireless connection. For Wired Connection, We should make use of the cable and connect your printer to the system. In Wireless network, with the help of username and password identification you can link your 123.hp.com/setup printer to the computer wirelessly. Based on the needs, we can choose anyone of the network Configurations. If you are using Wireless association, you’ll get use of the mobile printing features and print a document any Location.

123.hp.com/setup Printer Issues and Troubleshooting

Printer not printing

If your Printer is not printing or doesn’t responds when you are trying to print documents, Make sure the power cable is plugged properly and check weather the switch is ON. Ensure that the Suitable Hp Printer Driver is installed in your Computer,because 123.hp.com/setup printer driver should be installed for both USB and Wireless network Configurations. If not, Then Re-install the driver Properly.

Still can’t fix this issue, Contact out 24/7 Customer support helpline number and our experts will resolve your issues Instantly.

My Printer Goes Offline

  • Go to settings > Printer and right-click on printer option, then click use printer online option.
  • Double-click > Printer option >Printer menu  and click cancel all documents to clear the paper jam issue.
  • Power OFF and ON the Printer once again.
  • Reboot your system and if still had issue, re-install the Hp printer driver.
  • After Re-installing, Add  the Updated Printer driver.

How to fix HP Printer Paper Jam Issue?

  • Clear all jammed papers by removing the paper tray. Look in to the printer head for small bit papers.
  • Sometimes misaligned paper also causes paper jam. So, remove the tray and clear the paper then align and mount properly.
  • If you get any error code for paper jam issue, open and close the tray and try again.
  • Remove spoiled sheets and reload the new paper. Make sure the paper is aligned properly
  • Don’t load too much paper in the tray because sometimes you may get notification if you load too much paper in the tray.

Hp Printer Prints Slow

  • If your printer Prints slow, then follow our steps to resolve this problem
  • Print the Desired document in draft mode rather than using High quality mode. Draft mode is quite faster than desired mode.
  • Use Updated Printer Driver software and compatible OS.
  • When your Printer Connected in Wireless mode with your PC, then there is a possibility of Slow Printing. This is because of the wireless router’s position may be far away from the printer. The time taken for the file transfer to the printer consumes more. By placing the Router nearer to the 123.hp.com/setup Printer will resolve this slowness issue

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